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Free and Funny Anniversary Ecard: I was going to give you a nasty look.

Always have high aspirations

Always have high aspirations

Awwww so true.or at least die doing something crazy so they can say I tried it at home.

Funny Weekend Ecard: Pass the bottle, I’m jumping off this wagon.

Free and Funny St. Patrick's Day Ecard: Have a wonderful time invoking a saint's name to behave as unsaint-like as possible.

Because one e-card is never enough...

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, I just thought this 3 days ago when I was eating a snack and driving. I ate the last one and thought "oh no! I sure would have liked to mentally prepare myself for that. I feel like it would have made a difference".

The Only Way to Win is to Sleep Your Way To The Top

The Only Way to Win is to Sleep Your Way To The Top

I go to sleep so late & wake up so early that I almost cross myself in the hallway // me during the semester