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A small build I built together with my wife for the Swebrick winter mini-contest, where maximum 100 parts were allowed. This guy regrets that he didn't make a bigger hole in the ice.

Mark built a pirate harbor scene based off minifigures. The two buildings use some pretty interesting techniques, especially on the roofs.


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Ectomobile "Ecto-1"

Amazing Ghostbusters LEGO model, vote for it on Cuusoo, make it a reality!

Legoworld 2017, Utrecht (NL) - Lego EMD SD70ACe Rio Grande Heritage Unit | by bricksonwheels

A few shots from my models at our Scale Modelers Asociation booth at the Dutch Legoworld event last month.

bedroom - not minifig scale

I love to build detailed rooms while my kids play w/ their legos, this is inspiration for me; and my daughter would love this also! This is exactly what il do when I have children.

LEGO Sewing Machine Madness

LEGO Sewing Machine Madness (My Go-Go Life)

Having four kids ( three of them boys) my life has been FULL of LEGO. My oldest son who is almost 28 is a LEGO master. While my other kids have dabbled in the brick, none of them had as much as Matt

Departing from Danger. | Dear Journal, Ah! To be free once a… | Flickr

There’s nothing like a massive LEGO diorama to prove that you’ve arrived as a LEGO builder. The LEGO dioramas we feature here span everything from realistic medieval castles to scenes from World War II, and more than a few post-apocalyptic wastelands.

San Francisco Stick Style House - Modular Building: A LEGO® creation by Brian Lyles :

San Francisco Stick Style House - Modular Building : a LEGO® creation by Brian Lyles