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sweet little cat

"Cats will allow you to sleep on the bed--on the edge." --Jenny DeVries

Not a Monday kitten

My little heart belongs to you!

ru_cats_daily: little calico

I'll Find my way Home by kayjensen on deviantART

Cautious Gray Little Kitten.

"Who are you? Who do you work for? Why are you near my sink?"

i see you too … peekaboo in the bathroom sink

panthera.co.vu  |  Never drop the gaze by FiorePhotography @ deviantART

Never drop the gaze by *FiorePhotography on deviantART

all-things-bright-and-beyootiful: “ Kitten ~ by Lee Ys ”

Aw, Mummy, this is so embarrassing.

Beautiful Baby Kitten and Mama Cat

(*) Twitter

(*) Twitter

Evening Walk by Csyyt

land-like-a-cat: “Evening walk by Csyyt ”

Chloe, her 1st year

Chloe, her 1st year

Friends #toyger

Lil Toyger Never leaves home without it!


Mother cat to human: 'Don't you touch my little kitten.' Mother cat to kitten: 'You're safe with me baby. I will protect you. but I can't breeve.


Cats are Bonkers!

Adorable Christmas kitten in a big red bow tie

Kitty cat gorgeous & adorable

awww that kitty is so cute! look at its eyes!

Say it with lace :) ^_^

so pretty ♥Kitty♥