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We see smoke appearing from behind a tree and hear the line "What are you doing"? Then a POV shot from Josephine as she approaches Joe to reveal a silhouette of Joe smoking.

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Mariano Di Vaio - A real gentlemen doesn't smoke. But if he does, he has to smoke a black cig! Haha pic by Gommer Gommer Guldstrand !

Photo by Nhu Xuan Hua

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Possibly the only deployment of the double breasted suit that I like (Min Hur and Kevin Wang, HVRMINN designers, at a Jazz Age-themed lawn party)

Street Style: Welcome to the Roaring Twenties

Iconic accessories combined with structured tailoring, make the new dandy of our times, able to reinvent and actualize the cocky elegance of the

Lapo in DB

A style icon and you can also buy one of his cars if you like Ferrari. This man sets the plate for italian style, Lapo Elkann as only he can do it.


The green. Maybe one day we’ll see Taryor Gabriels as the most talked about new brand of men’s Paris fashion week.

Never mind the Roaring Twenties, I think a more suitable name for it is the Dapper Twenties!

FASHION HISTORY: The Roaring Twenties

Men& Fashion - A Christmas Wish List In The fashions haven& changed THAT much so for 1920 theme parties they have it PRETTY EASY!