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I don't have to worry about this cause I am actually older than of most popular kpop idols rn.

i think i like the korean standards more lol :p

i'm not a kpop fan but the American.that guy isn't really handsome idk if that's only me and yes Harry is SUPA CUTE, his personality&his looks AND Nick Robinson is MY definition of handsom but he's pretty too.

Yay dying... ._.

Yay dying, and depression, and sorrow, and regret. Honestly bts, you make me feel like you guys are hiding something big with all those self written lyrics.

LMFAO I'm totally going to start saying this!

LMFAO I'm totally going to start saying this!

So true! But I am starting to understand it.대박!

there are a lot of words in korean that sound like mandarin, taiwanese, and fewer like japanese (im not fluent in japanese yet, only learning), so i always feel like i can almost understand it but i actually cannot

Hahaha I would do that just to get a good reaction outta them

Me confessing to my crush then they give out a negative reaction. I didn't said I Love You I said I love Yoongi

You are NOT ready for this conversation. ;)

My mom did ask me about band members today too haha. Pearl Purdy we should make a power point :p jk

Lol not quite but yeah

When a kpop song is stuck in your head but you don't know the lyrics cx Super Junior-Sorry Sorry ❤

I get asked to read Chinese and Japanese all the time and constantly have to clarify that I only read Korean!!!

Only people who knew this before seeing this post understands how irritating it can be when we hear "It's the same thing" it's not the same thing. They are different ethnic, countries, cultures and languages.

yep..so it's no surprise that we are schisophrenic (that's probably not even word)

This is SO accurate. Albeit, one important point is missing: He is not the only one. The top of my bias list is a bit of a crowded place tbh … orz