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My friend did the cinnamon challenge and almost had to go to the hospital I was there it was scary don't joke about it.

sleeping with stuffed animals

Yes I always thought "If I only sleep with one the other will be left out"and my mom would come in and see me tucking myself in bed with all my stuffed animals and she just kissed me goodnight and quickly walked out

I have long hair and all I can say to anyones hair whose done this is IN THE ARMS IF AN ANGLE FLYYY AWAYYYY

Or when the ones that looked like marbles snap and one almost makes a dent in you cranium.

Ok ok, see there was this--  *starts laughing so hard I'm hurting*  I'm so sorry guys!...  Oh, anyway... *friends slowly back away

Teenager Post - Me: "I have to tell you this story about-" *starts laughing* *deep breath* "Okay there was this." *starts laughing* ~ Happens all the time

Rebloging This!!!!

I am weird and I don't care. In fact I am proud to be weird and believe I should get some kind of award for it. I happily admit this to the whole world.

All the time.

Teenager Post That awkward moment when you're in super deep thought. Then 3 minutes later you realize you are staring directly at someone

This sounds like the Doctor........

Teenager Post I'm literally my own best friend. I have inside jokes with myself, and sometimes I'll start laughing out loud at how funny I am.