thats awesome

Einstein can prove a philosopher wrong then when can all prove evolutionists wrong


This is stupid cause crayons are so damn easily to break . Who the hell would want to compare themselves to a crayon!

Gentleman style

Or how about a man who can go from snap backs and tattoos to a nice job and suits. The idea that a man with tattoos cannot have a nice job?

Akin to electric hill = ie its much easier to cycle UP that hill and you can't free pedal down that weird hill, you have to work harder to pedal down that it is to pedal up, that location that defies the laws of gravity and this weird location defies the laws of physics ( we are far from understanding such anomalous areas on Earth and its very doubtful if humanity will ever fully understand such anomalies !!  So instead science ignores them as embarrasses their ignorance ( and many such…

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