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HERE IT IS: The long anticipated head scarf/turban tutorial everyone has been asking me to make forever - ft. my awkward self. What you’ll need: a rad scarf - it should be about 2 ft square and from a stiff cotton fabric (a satin/silk texture won’t.

How to tie a rosette headband with a scarf #DIY

How to Tie a Rosette in 3 Easy Steps

hair scarf tutorial


Beautiful step by step tutorial on how to use a scarf on short hair for a nice summer hairstyle

Finally I know how to do that...

14 Tutorials for Bandana Hairstyles

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DIY Bomb Girls styled scarf tutorial how-to styling.ive always been trying to figure out how to tie these.

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Nouer un foulard dans ses cheveux : comment nouer un foulard dans ses cheveux avec style

How to tie a headscarf

One of the first vintage hairstyles I taught myself was the beehive & hair scarf look! It’s a great style for when you hair needs a wash, you don’t want to spend too much time on it or you’ve got a bright coloured scarf to match your outfit!

elastic headscarf tutorial...I really gotta learn how to sew

head scarf tutorial (warning: it's not too late to run away)

DIY Wire Head Scarf Tutorial for the Beginner Sewist | Another inspirational Scarf Week tutorial that is fun, easy, and will open you up to a whole new world of head scarves that actually stay on your head!  Lots of step by step photos help make this sewing project extra do-able!

Wire Head Scarf Tutorial for the Beginner Sewist