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My gosh if you ASK something to someone they can say no

The person being completely rude here is Josh? and, when ANYONE says no and they're not interested, the polite thing to do is to accept their answer, back off, and leave them alone.

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When your mom beats you around your friends and they ask if you're straight

When your professor throws this curveball at you right before you’re about to take the test:

Follow me @ TAY_GOLD21 Fσя мσяє ρσρριи ριиѕ

Follow me @ TAY_GOLD21 Fσя мσяє ρσρριи ριиѕ

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That's cause they fake and they the reason I don't talk to no one 🙄😹

Yesss! Evan Peters and Dylan Obrien

tv shows really need to stop making villains attractive