Mycroft Holmes best face ever

Mark Gatiss, King Derp For those of you that don't know Mark Gatiss is one of the producers and the actor who portrays Mycroft Holmes on the BBC America series, Sherlock.


"One of the many things I love about this show- the cinematography is breathtaking. Just look at this camera angle. -ah" - This is one of the things that separates this show from EVERYTHING else on tv

May I just say that the Sherlock cast being goofy on set makes me indescribably happy?

Cardiff - Doctor Who Experience and Sherlock Filming. I have been in Cardiff recently and was lucky enough to visit the Doctor Who Experience as well as see Sherlock filming!

Another Valerie Foster original. Mark Gatiss/Mycroft doing it all.

Mark Gatiss/Mycroft doing it all

Sherlock On Tumblr #10 : Lestrade Edition!

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Ermagawd i have a new ship! Lestrade loves Sherlock but Sherlock loves Jawn! Irene for life!

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one: Harry Watson ship johnlock, Harder than us. two: What's with the Moriarty is buried in Sherlock's grave? Head Canon not accepeted!

The cutest Sherlock/John reunion I have ever seen!!! John looks like a little ice cream cone!!

The cutest Sherlock/John reunion I have ever seen! John looks like a little ice cream cone! <------I brought nicotine patches to your grave OMF

And this ladies and gentlemen is the man who is running our show

Mycroft laughs hysterically at the grave. Title of Season Third Episode. His Last Vow. HIS LAST VOW If that doesn't sound ominous I don't know what does. the feels.

This man wins at life

This man wins at life 《 pinned this before but magic it is good so doing this if I ever get a job as a waiter

Call an ambulance cause I just got a severe case of the feels...........

Call an ambulance cause I just got a severe case of the feels.<<This is now my favorite piece of Sherlock fanart

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All 9 episodes and that's all we have. All these other fandoms have seasons. We have 9 episodes.

"I love this! Catlock" AWWWWWWWW! I'm squeezing in cuteness and delight! :3

Not the biggest catlock fan, but this was super cute. "Catlock: WHATISTHAT by *Xeora on deviantART"