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15 Envy-Inducing Private Outdoor Spaces

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Urban Cottage in New York City.New York City Has an Adorable Rooftop Cottage and It’s Finally for Sale

Changes directions so the beams are always following the shortest end. Interesting effect. Could be effective.  Modern landscape architecture by Filip Van Damme

Modern landscape architecture by Filip Van Damme

Novartis Campus - Physic Garden

Image 21 of 52 from gallery of Novartis Physic Garden / Thorbjörn Andersson + Sweco architects. Photograph by Jan Raeber

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The Melbourne-based Techne Architects did a killer job renovating the Prahran Hotel in Victoria, Australia. The giant concrete pipes throughout the space look

terrasse avec cheminée en pierre

Cheminée extérieure et braséro: prolongez vos soirées d'été !

terrasse avec cheminée en pierre

Maybe with my favorite quotes?

Decoração em escadas

staircases Hello, I Love You Lyrics - The Doors. New house basement stairs will have quotes! Love it!

Like the white pots for plants or trees. Even for fake flowers.

Lovely combination of materials and textures - potted hydrangea olive tree, silvered decking pebbles