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i hope now that i took iot out you will keep it cuz i dont have a clue how to put it back. and if you dont want it cuz its full of blood and stuff dont worry cuz i can wash it off and put a ribbon around it. anyways just wanted to say i love you and by the way im about to faint so take it fast

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Don't hide your feelings, don't regret letting it go, be brave !

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Rumplestiltskin falls in love. This is a lovely comic about falling in love, it made my heart hurt with how cute it is! -Laurel >> OMG ONCE UPON A TIME!

This is just cute (Love Of Nature By Soumin)

This is just cute (Love Of Nature By Soumin)

C.S. Lewis

Here is a beautiful short comic portraying the meaning of love. This will make you smile! To love is to be vulnerable.

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Pon and Zi; I had xrays taken today just to make sure you didn't reeeally steal my heart.

The official home of Pon and Zi, a cute webcomic about love, created by Jeff Thomas

Pom and zi

Pom and zi

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