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Picture of Free range chicken farming. Rooster in natural environment.

chickens | Why You Should Free-Range Your Chickens

Chicken articles by Chicken Breeds List. We have information on chicken breeds, eggs, interesting chicken facts and oddities and more.

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She looks just like 'Big Mama'!

I love snow chicken pictures!

Something my chickens have never seen!

Hen Pecking Chicken Salve

Hen Pecking Chicken Salve


Our three backyard chicken experts talk about how difficult the hot summer was on their birds, and they give tips for helping your flock survive the winter.

Learn some tips from a fellow chicken keeper that will help make cleaning the coop an easier and quicker process.

21 Chickens Just Doin' Chicken Stuff

Tilly's Nest: How to Train a Chicken

How to Train a Chicken

Tillys Nest: Chicken Care Resources/Guide- A great page with resources on starting out with backyard chickens, chicken health issues, chicken gardening, composting, predators and eggs.

New favorite chicken education blog

Tilly's Nest: Tilly's Passing Saying goodbye to our dearly loved hen.

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Twig and Reed Rooster and Hen Set

An intimate story about my near death experience. Surviving makes you see differently. We are surrounded by belonging reminders, especially by the chickens.

Mistakes, Miracles, and Belonging

A must read about a near death experience: Mistakes, Miracles, and Belonging

As a gardener and a chicken keeper, I’m always trying new ways to coexist with my free ranging flock. I’ve given presentations through my local Extension Center and Master Gardener chapter on how I take advantage of the benefits of having backyard chickens (free fertilizer and pest control) and at the same time protect my …

the garden-roof coop: Community Chickens Post - Gardening with Chickens .

tucked away chicken coop

tucked away chicken coop

city chickens

My City Chickens

Selma, Maisy, and Betty, my Red Star hens.

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A Rooster Stands on a Fence with Sign in Gaelic and English Photographic Print by Jim Richardson √

Chicken thought they were crazy, but what do chickens know. Davis, Chicken coop tour.

Tour de Cluck Boomlet, a Survey of Chicken Coops

The Tour de Cluck, a boomlet in chicken voyeurism, is a survey of chicken coops.