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Pattern, like texture, is used to create visual interest. Unlike texture however, pattern does not invoke a tactile sense. Although textures can contain pattern-like elements, not all patterns are textures. Here patterns and variation are used to create i

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Lines of different weight are arranged to form beveled, mountainous structures. It is worth noting that this is also because of the shading and color values.

Bleeding Squares - hand-printed abstract monochrome pattern - printmaking techniques; modern print design // Liza Quinones

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Matt W. Moore

✤✤ Matt W Moore aka MWM Graphics ** Not a quilt but really great inspiration for one.

Сумки из джинсов (трафик) / Переделка джинсов / ВТОРАЯ УЛИЦА

Умелые ручки

Bags of jeans (traffic) / Alteration jeans / The hands - patterns, alteration of clothing, interior decoration with your own hands - on Second Street