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This post exposes numerous fascinating pictures of amusing and charming rats. Usually, rats are referred

Rats actually make amazing pets!  Photographers set out to set the record straight about these sweet animals...

Rats with their teddy bears…

scared of this one, mom?? Of course, I hated it!!!!  He's adorable!! Lol!!

not sure if this is a baby ratty or a mouse. i'm gonna say ratty

Connotations: "For example, the word rat denotes or points to a kind of rodent, but the attached meanings of "selfish person", "evil-doer", "betrayer", and "traitor" reflect the feelings that have accumulated around the word. (Rottenberg and Winchell 266)

Status Quo: He hates people but admires animals like Toby and Wellington. He always goes home to take care of Toby his pet rat. He goes to school Monday-Friday and he lives in England.

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18 photos de rats adorables, qui prouvent que ceux-ci peuvent être des animaux de compagnie irrésistibles.


C'est vendredi, c'est le 150e Bordel

Belly, a male blue hooded pet rat. Belly Monster!

Belly, a male blue hooded pet rat. Photo by Stephen Bay.

How to Take the Stress out of Bathing Your Pet Rat -- via wikiHow.com

Take the Stress out of Bathing Your Pet Rat

Take the Stress out of Bathing Your Pet Rat - wikiHow

The adorable rat from the Netherlands is called Baby and this clip of it half buried in spaghetti has racked up nearly 100,000 views in just over a day. Description from telegraph.co.uk. I searched for this on bing.com/images

After a video of a little rat named Baby eating spaghetti resurfaced this month, the Internet went c.