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Despicable Me 2 love this movie a must watch gotta love agnus shes a cutie

Minions "Banana" haha I cannot wait for Despicable Me 2! @Kelsey Bender @Chelsea Storms

Banana and Potato Song with Subtitled Lyrics (Despicable Me 2 Trailer) - brain breaks

This was one of the best lines in the whole movie. Despicable Me <3

Guru and his minions are my favorite things that ever happened in movies, I love minions and their stupid things and I am loving their funny & hilarious quotes too, talking about it here are so…

disney channel movies! oh how i wish these were still on!

Disney Channel Original Movies aka my childhood + Nostalgic moment.Old Disney Channel was so good. I miss all of these movies!

I love fat Amy!

I want to see this movie. I have a feeling we should kiss. I somtimes have a feeling I could do crystal meth but then I think "eh, better not.

Movie Memories™ on

Movie Memories™ on

Sometimes I eat instead of facing my problems - Despicable Me 2 me too GRU.

No crying in dispatch! - I'd like to say BULLSHIT to this!! There is crying in dispatch and sometimes it's very healthy!

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"There's no crying in baseball!" Jimmy Dugan's (Tom Hank's character) proclamation, "There's no crying in baseball!" was rated on the American Film Institute's list of the greatest film quotes of all time.