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21 Ridiculously Photogenic Animals [PICS]

Worlds Only Panda Triplets Move In With Mom, Who Hugs Them Just Like Humans Do

World's Only Panda Triplets Move In With Mom, Who Hugs Them Just 'Like Humans Do'

Giant panda triplet cubs reunited with mum Ju Xiao at Chimelong Wildlife Park

Love these babies

Rare Twin Horses- when my mare& ultrasound showed she was having twins, the vet when in and pinched one of the embryos off so one could survive. Twin horses usually do not go full term and are born too early to survive.

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Equine Coat Color Chart ~ Some of them aren't quite the same as I've been taught (Strawberry vs.), but good reference nonetheless.

Hermoso caballo ^-^

Gypsy Vanner Horse - Easily recognized for their leg feathering and common black and white or "piebald"coat color

Clydesdale Horses | Black Butterfly Diaries: Clydesdale horses of beauty

Black and White horse - Beautiful photo of white and black horse running on the snow.

What a beautiful and unique looking horse.

A fleabitten grey with a really unique "badger face" marking. What a gorgeous horse! This is the most unique marking ive ever seen on a horse.