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Jessica Chastain: Princess Merida for Disney Dream Portrait! Take a look at this stunning photo of Jessica Chastain as Princess Merida from Brave for the brand new Disney Dream Portrait, shot by Annie Leibovitz.

The Medieval archer’s gear. Taken from “English Longbowmen” in the Osprey series.

Gisborne is an accomplished archer. Both with the small Saracen bow and the infamous English long bow. (Taken from "English Longbowmen" in the Osprey series.

Linda Hamilton

Kickass Fitness Inspiration Linda Hamilton, as 'Sarah Connor' - 1984 - Terminator - Costumes by Hilary Wright - Directed by James Cameron


The longbowmen, the most powerful English weapon during the Medieval Ages.

DISCOUNT! Archery Quiver Leather Longbow "Knight of the West" elven quiver by armstreet on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/112965567/discount-archery-quiver-leather-longbow

Archery Quiver Medieval Elven Leather Longbow Master Etched Brass <== and in blue!

My daughter and I quite love archery. I would only use proper bows where the string is attached at the notches. We would most certainly have archery up there.

Archery props from Lord of the Rings. These are the beautiful double recurve bows. and the beautiful quivers (or cases) for the arrows. I'm definitely getting or making an Elvish-looking bow. Because compound bows are stupid looking and for wimps.

#wattpad #diversos Se tiver um tema em mente é só comentar e se quiser capas eu tenho um outro livro que tem capas incríveis para vocês ou se quiser encomendar esta aberto, espero que goste

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Aberto [ ] Fechado [ x ] O livro "Fotos" foi criado para dar idéi… #diversos # Diversos # amreading # books # wattpad

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Aberto [ ] Fechado [ x ] O livro "Fotos" foi criado para dar idéi… #diversos # Diversos # amreading # books # wattpad

Haciendo hueco en el estómago para engullir. Próximamente en cines.

Kirsi Pyrhonen, photographed in Outer Mongolia, by Tim Walker for British Vogue, December large birds EAGLES hawks

The Tomb Raider (2013) recurve bow and quiver brought to life! The bow is hand made and meticulously detailed by Tommy Hard of www.UpshotArchery.net to look like Lara Croft's game bow, while the quiver has been beautifully hand crafted by Tara Cash. Photography by John Nettles Jr. of City Light Studio. On sale now and shipping worldwide at https://www.etsy.com/listing/196997679/lara-croft-recurve-bow  #TombRaider #RiseoftheTombRaider #LaraCroft #TaraCash #UpshotArchery #Recurve #RecurveBow

Recurve Bow for Lara Croft Tomb Raider Cosplay

-Ma belle mère vient de m'annoncer sa venue, j'ai profité des soldes pour m'équiper!

blackbyasiat: Chiharu Okunugi (The Kimono Gallery)

T A G S: animal : character : color : costume : expression : fashion : hair : idea : light : layout.


Kyudo, literally meaning "way of the bow", is the Japanese art of archery. It is a modern Japanese martial art. Hooray for women archers! (My bow is not this cool!