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lolbyeno: “Probably Vriska ::::) ”

ursulabatur: “ bunch of homestuck requests ”

dropkickedmurphys: “nothing but planets for company [commission info] ”

Meulin and Kurloz, creepiest couple in the history of ever.BUT ALSO THE CUTEST AND THE BESTEST

Meulin and Kurloz are just the absolutely cutest and creepiest couple in Homestuck. This may be my favourite Sadstuck thing EVER.

They see me TROLLIN... by kittykatmaniac

bookwormally said: Oh for the request night I'd love some DualSign maybe with Dual showing off his shark teeth? Answer: i love myself some DualSign too, hehe fill for Ancestor Night!

Homestuck // I literally had to stand up and just scream for like 10 miutes because HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIT. << I'm getting my haircut while reading this and I'm about to cry

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