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BAHAHAHAHAAAA patrick ;) One Direction, 1D Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Hazza, Harreh, Nialler, Lou, Tommo .xx

If I ever meet them I'm probably just going to stand there like Patrick and say I love you so many times.


I am the biggest Directioner in my school as well! I was the only one who supported One Direction from the beginning in my city/town and school!

Not trying to hate but my friend @Brooke Murdock turned off it and said this song is too slow!!!! @Brooke Murdock  that's my jam boo

Not trying to hate but my friend Murdock turned off it and said this song is too slow!

Omg haha

Tessa and Liam were on a trip together and dressed up like mermaids?

I don't care if I have to go to the theater alone, nothing will stop me from watching this movie!

This Is Us guys I'm even fangirling over pictures from the trailer how am I ever gonna make it through the movie?

Yes all the time, I actually haven't been to one concert

One Direction - seriously since it was the concert I was at im having a hard time looking at other pictures! Im soooo jealous!


I like how in the pic they use it from the incredibles and this part the guy is all like obsessed with catching dash like fan girls are of their favorite band member!

This is a petition! If you want Pinterest to make One Direction it's own category, like this! This is some serious stuff in the fandom! Repin to spread the word!!!!!!<<< hhaha wouldn't that be awesome XD

nobody knows how many times i have wished this. i have literally gone to the category list and expected there to be a one direction category, and there never is.

One Direction Fan Page ❤ - Google+

When you wanna stand with Zayn Malik. Louis please never change <<< liam probably almost fell and was upset and apologized to everyone afterwards and then even made sure louis was ok

comment what you think!!!!! :) if you need a look at my pins go to my board amazingness!!!! :) thx!!!

Comment below! I'm curious ;) and not like a ship, but personality and please say why:) let me know if you have questions

True, way too true. Springtrap: *thinks about singing* Eh... Freddy: *shrugs at me and is thinking about Mike and Jeremy* Toy Bonnie: *hugs me from behind, chewing on my ponytail since he thinks it's chocolate* Me: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Springtrap: *shrugs at me* Eh. Freddy: 5/10

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