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But now it's up to us Readers to give a chance and not instantly go to "but it's not Hunger Games". That would have to be the worst part of writing a book series that gets that popular.

Jen...CRIED...for TWO's NOT a good sign!!!! I know how you feel Jen, I cried for a straight week after reading that book.

that's NOT a good sign. Oh please what's with the script how about the BOOK? I read the BOOK and practically cried for two days. If she cried from the script I just have to ask if she read the books.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Well, Answer Her

Do you wanna go and play? I never see you anymore come out the door it& like you& gone away! We used to be best buddies, and now were not. What am I gonna do! Do you wanna build a snowman? It doesn& have to be a snowman. (Haymitch) & away Katniss& Ok bye.

Hunger Games Pick up Lines

Funny pictures about Hunger Games pick-up lines. Oh, and cool pics about Hunger Games pick-up lines. Also, Hunger Games pick-up lines.

Unlike the Lightning Thief...

It didn't stick THAT closely to the book, but they got is as much as they could so I'll acknowledge that. I thought the movie was pretty good, but as always, the book was better.

So I saw the original picture and just had to add that part to the bottom.   #obsessedfangirlproblems

That other awkward moment when you realise that the actors for Cayo and Clove originally auditioned for the parts of Katniss and Peeta.


The Hunger Games- wow I was thinking Seneca Crane while reading it but then nope it was cinna. That would be awesome though

OHHHHHH MY GOSH IF THIS IS REAL IT WILL BE THE END OF ME!!!! It seems so real! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BE REAL!!! If you know anything about this please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GUYS OH MY GOSH<--- actually I kinda hope this is fake.<--- I don't know how I feel about this.<--- I'm pretty sure it's fake

Beautiful quote....and while I adore Peeta, I can't help but wonder about Gale and Katniss if things had been different.

Previous pinner said, "And this, all you only-saw-the-movie-Team-Gale kids, is why Peeta is the right one for Katniss. The most beautiful thing" ~ I totally agree.

I just... I just don't know. This is either hilarious or horribly disturbing. But it's Hunger Games, so I'm pinning it.

20 Hilarious 'Hunger Games' Memes Taking Over the Web

My dead squirrels bring all the boys to the hob, and I'm like, they're better than yours. Damn right, they're better than yours. I'd teach you my archery but I'd have to charge.

All except Harry Potter and mortal instruments

Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus, Harry Potter (just started the last book today. wish me luck with the Post-Potter Depression, guys!) Hunger Games, Divergent, and I will soon start City of Bones.