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Or watching pll...

Ohhh I do this all of the time but then my bro comes in and turns my music down,I'm like why did mom call my name oh no mom I'm coming. Then mom says why I didn't say your name

Basically my life.

All the freaking time! My body pillow doesn't work anymore as a decoy snuggle thing I want a real person to snuggle with!

More like 90% having conversations with non-existent fictional characters.

I'm like a rhetorical studies major when it comes to fake shower arguments

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So true

This is not a "teenager" post. This is a human post, and it is a fact. You can't have all the things! <<< I would be offended but the last sentence made me laugh. "All the things".

Video games... I want to understand, but I don't want to. :/ Houston, we have a problem.

like if some friends go on a trip but you couldn't come and you want to talk to them about it but you have no idea what happened.

Well, not in this universe. But...[launches into speech about quantum physics and fictional dimensions and stuff like that]. Therefore they all exist, somewhere...

*entire fandom slowly raises hand* <<< *slowly raises hand thinking about Hiro <<<<<< Looks like someone has a crush on me