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I think I have resolved just to never get attached to anyone. I always seem to find a way to ruin it or mess it up or go too far. Well I'm done screwing things up with the people I care most about. Done letting the people I thought loved me leave me.

And I'm enduring what everyone fears the most - letting go. Hold on to what you have and fight for it. It will be well worth it!

the fear of getting emotionally attached . and it still hurts . I want to feel but it hurts, I fear the most amazing happiness, feeling it and then when I have to let it go, I don't want to pain like that

I don't even know who I was... :)

And smiles turn into laughs, laughs turn into kisses - and before you know it, the days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months. And you'll find yourself forgetting what it was like before they were in your life.

And how!! Lol my hubby has done anything and everything. I've never been loved this much or had anyone be this committed to me.

Lol my hubby has done anything and everything. I've never been loved this much or had anyone be this committed to me.

she's changed. you can see it in her eyes, feel it in her touch, and hear it in her tone. she's not the same, and she's not coming back. - k. azizian

Kiana Azizian - She's changed, you can see it in her eyes, feel it in her touch & hear it in her tone. She's not the same & she's never coming back

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Can I sleep forever? Never have to see his face again, feel the ache where my heart should be where he tore it out of my chest.

how do you know when it's over?

“How do you know when it's over?” “Maybe when you feel more in love with your memories than with the person standing in front of you.” It breaks my heart because it's true.

Their love was strong, but timing was wrong, and love decided, they didn't belong.

Inspirational Quotes: timing with him and me just wasn’t the best, i told him a little to late, and he admitted way too late. Top Inspirational Quotes Quote Description timing with him and me just.

Just want you to know.

I know who you are, I love who you are, and that's why I'll stay; so you can learn to love yourself too.

Don't let the darkness consume you, and don't put that box on a shelf. Even unopened, it's still there full of darkness. Amazing feeling when it is finally filled with light instead.

**PROMPT** Journal about the box of darkness - what did it look like? What was it about that darkness that became a gift? Why did it take years? Was it something internal to me or did it take years for the gift to appear?

always trying to keep it together...

me myself and I…

That moment when you burst out crying alone in your room and you realize that non one truly knows how unhappy you are because you don't want anyone to know. Describes me perfectly.


When you fight to cling to people who are no longer meant to be in your life, you delay your destiny. Let them go. Definitely, let them go. You deserve better.

I hope you do forget me.... and soon. #BlewYourChance #AllofYall

people don't forget girls like you . they won't forget what your love felt like-- Can only hope ppl feel like that about me