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He forgot to add the sun's rays too!

I had an entire design I would draw, that always started with a sun in the corner of the paper (or wall😉)!

best ever 39 funny Minions, Quotes and picture 2015

best ever 39 funny Minions, Quotes and picture 2015

tv/ Dubai Motivational, Inspirational, Keynote Speaker and Teambuilding Expert Reality Show Dave Crane TV shows nothing but the best in transforming one's life.

Yep that's how bat shit crazy I am Lmmfao bscinc.

Funny minions pictures with captions AM, Sunday June 2015 PDT) – 10 pics don't like the writer "screw," but

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My mom was yelling at me and her eyes kept darting back and forth and I just burst out laughing at how ridiculous it looked! Lol she got sooo mad at me

Sacramento Funny Minions (09:59:28 AM, Friday 24, June 2016) – 30 pics

Sacramento Funny Minions AM, Friday June - 30 pics - Funny Minions - Funny Minion Quotes & Memes - Minion Quotes

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First rule of house cleaning while listening to music the toilet brush is never the microphone


If people talk behind your back just fart funny quotes quote funny quote funny quotes humor minions. Really Good Idea!