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This is why I can't eat cows, pigs, or poultry....too much personality and emotion in their heads! ~CW

This is why I can't eat cows, pigs, or poultry.too much personality and emotion in their heads! ~CW// I'm eating a meat pizza right now 😈😈😈


i think this looks like a sad cow calf. i would give so much love and care to my baby cow, you have no idea. i would raise the most cutest, sweetest domestic cows evarrr. never would they grow out of their baby stage. MY cows will be happy cows :)

I want a sniff

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Jacob lambs and ewe @Debbie Sharick I want some of these in your backyard! Go tell Brent! ;-)

Goats that look like cows - what could be more adorable? I had a few this year that looked like little cows.Ava & Giovanni Except that Jacobs are sheep.the ewe is behind the little ones.

That's one sweet baby cow

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sooo cute!! mini moo cow

Are you looking for miniature cattle with the cute factor? Our miniature cattle are born and bred for the first time livestock owner. Three minutes from the heritage town of Braidwood, in NSW, we breed Miniature White Galloway cattle

cute calf

Did she just ask if chocolate milk comes from a chocolate cow? lol been there done that had argument that milk comes from cows miss 3 say does not it comes for the shop

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Piggie: We're on a mission here. Piggie: First we'll take a mud bath for camouflage then we'll invade the cornfield for our feast! Piggie: Then Big Bad Wolf, you're next!

A cow ready for Tessa and Nate's wedding!

Animals deserve to live a happy life - help them by shopping vegan, not just eating vegan!boutique for high-quality ethical vegan outerwear.