Explore Idaho, Sweater, and more!

I want to go camping. I have a serous case of camping fever. I would love to crawl out of my tent to the view above. wrapping myself in a warm sweater and cradling a percolated cup of coffee in my hands.

Need this trail.

man-and-camera: Yoho National Park Trail Head Luke Gram Going through old photos that I havent published cause its raining so much

Craving weekend mountain escapes.

Conifer forest, probably several species of small animals, small stream for fish. Is this near the Wind River Mountain range?

“The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers.”  — Matsuo Basho

Landscapes were always Will's favorite thing to paint. Thea remembered all those times he would sit out in front of the house and paint the sunset.

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This picture is stunning and white with beautiful mountains in the background. Main Reason I like this picture is that person feels excited and free with there arms held out .


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