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The famed British royal astronomer Edmond Halley, born November was the first to chart the constellations of the entire southern hemisphere and is credited with the discovery of the celebrated Halley's Comet.

Anne Brudenell Duchess of Richmond wife of Charles Duke of Richmond by Michael Dahl

Michael Dahl - Anne Brudenell Duchess of Richmond, Wife of Charles Duke of Richmond

Lady Bagot (1665-1714), wife of Sir Edward Bagot, 4th Baronet  by  Circle of Michael Dahl (Stockholm 1659-1743 London)

Lady Bagot wife of Sir Edward Bagot, Baronet by Circle of Michael Dahl (Stockholm London)

John Locke ~ ca1696, Michael Dahl I... "A philosopher of wide influence and friend of the 1st Earl of Shaftesbury, Locke was associated w/ the opposition to both Charles II & James II, and was forced to flee to Holland in 1684. On the accession to the throne of William & Mary, he returned to England and was made Commissioner of Appeals...in 1690 Locke published An Essay Concerning Humane Understanding & Treatises on Govt...an active member of the Royal Society and friend of Newton & Boyle."

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Lady Charlotte Herbert, later Lady Charlotte Morris ~ ca1710-20, Michael Dahl I

Lady Charlotte Williams, née Herbert (d. after later Lady Charlotte Morris then Lady Charlotte Williams by Michael Dahl (Powis Castle - Welshpool, Powys UK)