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Oh god, the one with Harry Potter. -- I'm literally crying and whispering "what the fuck" over and over because of that - Update I searched it up and read it and I'm crying harder and will be having nightmares

The last one tho hahaha

I got you Ryan Gosling--yeah that shit don't happen to me when I'm sad. I'd be happy with a cat and cake.

Things To Make You Laugh So Hard - 14

36 Things To Make You Laugh So Hard

This is the compilation of top 36 things to make you laugh so hard you cry. The pictures and quotes are hilarious.

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Funny pictures about I officially have a new favorite gif. Oh, and cool pics about I officially have a new favorite gif. Also, I officially have a new favorite gif.

I was actually enjoying the heartfelt story and then there was that

Such a sweet story. and then that comment and I just WOW I'm laughing so hard right now XD

ffffffff seriously though band goes to the extreme at my school XD

Only pinning it for the tuba part. Because it was hilarious and I play tuba

Oh gosh

My little sister was born on April Fool's too, and my mom called my aunt to tell…

I know how time zones work

Disagree on the Canada thing, I lived in a border city, some of them are quite rude and they're not all Justin Bieber, but still funny.

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This is one of my favorite posts ever. I'm laughing too hard at this


I am off to spill energy drink on my goldfish // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

The werewolf thing! Lol!

God dammit some idiots ruin the entire thing<<< man. I liked being a ware wolf till THESE PEOPLE done messed it up<<<<these damn humans keep messing with the natural system.

love this!! maybe I should get a tumblr account because of things like this!

Nothing, just chilling

Can we just accolade that I think the second guy is the guy who found his old red jacket and it still fit. Do know which post I'm talking about?