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lindaaa '-' owwwwwn

punk toddler likes The Ramones

So that's totally gonna be what my kid is like.

Skateboard and a Ramones shirt? Whoever this kids parents are are awesome!

Peace, bro.

little man and his fedora :)

Little skater kid

hardcore skater > how frikken cute is this kiddo


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thats right

all the young punks

Kids Swag.

The cutest child rockin his ramones tee

Punk Rock Toddler clothes

All the cool kids

Miles Davis

“You have to play a long time before you sound like yourself.” -- Miles Davis Miles Davis: Unpublished Pictures of the Jazz Legend, From a Gig in New York in 1958 - LIFE

tokyonhさんの(RALPH LAUREN|ラルフ ローレン)を使ったコーディネート

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28 Frases sobre vencer tus Miedos, No seas miedoso y Entra.

28 Frases sobre vencer tus Miedos, No seas miedoso y Entra.

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My recent works: fashion editorial for Kaubamaja

Republican safety tip to protect yourself from women.

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Mohawk little girl

Mohawk little girl