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It shows that he is not that afraid anymore, that he doesn't suffocate himself that much because he has got used to being on stage and making new music.

Dark Tyler light Tyler little ball of sound happy Tyler rock Tyler it's called ukulele screamo and it's art

Lane Boy - Twenty One Pilots

Lane Boy - Twenty One Pilots>> forget sanity, forget salary, forget vanity, my morality.

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun funny twenty one pilots skeleton clique high school musical

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun funny twenty one pilots high school musical

¿Te gusta Twenty One Pilots? Aquí encontrarás •Fotos •Gifs •Tradu… #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad

El Libro TØP

~ that's so rude wth and they aren't a fan because actual twenty one pilots fans wouldn't do that

Will byers. I feel the worst for this poor kid. Wish I could just give him a big ole squeeze

When I showed st to my family the first time I said it I shouted FORESHADOWING and my entire family screamed at me to shut up

What tumblr does to you

So what I'm hetting is you turn hella cute and hella gay sign me the fuck up.