30 Awkward Moments Every Short Girl Understands


Short People Problem The sad truth. Except for the fact that heels make me ALMOST normal height.

I don't think I'm that short when I'm with them, then reality sinks in when I see the picture

I always looked extra short because all my friends were like and up 😒😭🤣

Yeah...STOP IT!  It's called RESPECT people!

Power to all the small girls in the world. Feel free to send us your own Small Girl Problems! and check out what we do in our spare time: Lazy Girl Problems!

sometimes all the way up to the back of your knees, then people wonder why you're cold

This isn't just a short girl problem, quit your pity party on this one cuz everybody has dealt with this! I had this problem yesterday.

Short Girl Problems

How is this a short girl problem? Because tall people wear exclusively capri pants? Tall people needa calm down.

ShortProblems, I get this all the time. Just once I want someone to ask if I want to sit at the bar!

Short Girl Problems, I get this all the time. Just once I want someone just give me the adult menu without a colouring sheet and crayons I'm not joking