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Sharing positive stories Moreno Valley ,Ca sisters Keonna 21 & Kayla 19 youngest African American women to open a beauty supply store KD Haircare Supply, LLC 24453 Sunnymead Blvd, Moreno Valley , Ca 92553

Sadly that's not the case for many anymore. Now a lot of people look like a plastic idiot with no morals

Why does it matter if you have fake boobs lots of makeup big hair why are you shaming women for looking the way they want to look it has nothing to do with you!

Together! It's not a word you hear much these days. There's a lot of "Us" and and "Them", but rarely "Together". It's time to change that

Coming together and keeping our money and investing in our people is key to black prosperity in society!

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March my beautiful black strong independent educated southern Queens! You represent us well.


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