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Im quite possesive of that title :P YOU are MY bestie and I have the tattoo to prove it. Back of my BFF!

so true oh steph this is me and you

Friends don't let friends do silly things. alone Friends don't let friends do silly things. alone Friends don't let friends do silly things.


I've decided to add "extensive experience in dealing with stupid people" to my resume. That has got to be a marketable skill ! - I work with athletes, so this is perfect.

@Lynsie Magill or anything to drink in doubles LOL

A girl's best friend Haha Funny Friendship Ecard: A good friend brings over a bottle of wine to share. A best friend brings two.

Maybe I'll get a life alert for my single daughter for Christmas

When I get old I'm going to be clicking my life alert button to see how many firefighters show up.

haha! that's why pinterest gave us private boards...@Rachael Eaton

Free and Funny Friendship Ecard: Definition of a Best Friend: The only person on earth that's allowed to call you crazy, totally mean it, and she doesn't get her ass beat.

Funny friendship quotes | Funny quotes about friendship Haha so true but we do both @Becky Banzon

funny friendship quote, funny quotes about friendship and poop SSSSSSSoooooooo true!

yes, thank you @Liz Wells @Lauren Jennings <3 xoxo

:) thankful for my "what is TMI" friendships. "Thank you for still being my friend despite the fact that you are completely aware of every terrifying, raunchy, and explicit detail of my life.