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Quatervois (n) a crossroads; a critical decision or turning point in one's life ~ pronunciation

pronunciation | 'lat-i-bUl (LAT-i-byul) submitted by | alittlefitter submit words | here

words submission word l definitions english comfort safety noun otherwordly other-wordly rare word rare words unusual word unusual words safe place strange word strange words weird words latibule hiding place alittlefitter weird word

25 Things You Had No Idea There Were Words For

25 Things You Had No Idea There Were Words For

Just dance

Tarantism: (n) overcoming melancholy by dancing; the uncontrollable urge to dance That my name!


Erlebnisse: the experiences, positive or negative, that we feel most deeply, and through which we truly live; not mere experiences, but Experiences.


The 2017 Blogging Ideas to Grow your Audience.

Groak: to stare longingly at someone who is eating in the hope that they will ask you to join them