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cvlifornia-vibes: highenoughtoseethesea: Nathan Florence, shaking off after the spit.

The way he captures the moment is awesome.  As she cross steps up the board with the rest of the wave before her is cool.  Love the perspective.

Showcase of surfing and surf culture inspired photography by photographer Chris Burkard on Club of the Waves

Where else can you cause no harm to the planet, but have the thrill of your life? Surfing - pure magic :) #Surfing

Surfing through the wave of water!

highenoughtoseethesea: “Koa Ph: Zak Noyle ”

highenoughtoseethesea: “Koa Ph: Zak Noyle ”

Let the waves guide you #extremesports #adventure #surfing http://www.estatemanagerscoalition.com/

Let the waves guide you #extremesports #adventure #surfing http://www.estatemanagerscoalition.com/

Kelia Moniz #surfingworkout

Kelia Moniz #surfingworkout

beautiful San Clemente- there's no place like it

Boarding in the ocean

This year I learn to surf. #balance #ridethewave #ebbandflow

it's kind of wet runway. master the ocean ride, achieve the perfect balance, get that feet pose on the board. All necessary skills to be succeed in Surf with style!

hostevie: “ I’ll be dreaming of this tonight!

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Big wave surfing is a discipline within surfing where experienced surfers paddle into or are towed onto waves which are at least 20 feet m) high, on browse boards referred to as "guns" or towboards. Sizes of the board had to effectively surf these.

https://za.pinterest.com/OnlyVIP/ come dream with me. #surfinginspiration #surfingquotes

https://za.pinterest.com/OnlyVIP/ come dream with me. #surfinginspiration #surfingquotes

Surf - what we wouldn't do to take a dip in the sea on a day like this!

Risks of huge wave surfing

Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater traveling down the line.


Rent a soft surfboard your very first time out. Don't invest in your own surf board if you've never ever attempted surfing before. At a lot of beaches helpful for surfing, rental areas will be offered near to the beach, offering reasonably inexpensive.

Bliss on the waves. Talk about peaceful. If you ever get the chance, surf.

In a big wave wipeout, a breaking wave can push surfers down 20 to 50 feet m to m) below the surface area. Surfers may have less than