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bestlovequotes:  Never make the one you love feel alone, especially when you’re there  Follow best love quotes for more great quotes!

I don't agree that this is the "one law" for relationships, but I DO think you should never make the person you're with feel lonely, especially when you are there. One of the worst feelings in my opinion.

"I want you to know you're not alone." -Leo #redbandsociety WED | SEPT 17 | FOX - Pin designed by @followcharlotte

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cant wait to watch this show, it looks exactly like the red band society i use to watch except its not Brazilian haha

No one cared. No one in my family cared about me being disowned. I was drowning but no one bothered to save me. Instead I got a curse as a dowry and hatred.

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the kids and I just read this together and they loved it!  Best story book ever

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john gottman. I am thinking that it all relates to timing, at least initially. I do not prefer for son or myself, or you, to be in a situation where transition occurs too quickly. That would be a short and long term disaster waiting to happen. Yes, I have lived alone for a year. Yes, I still do not really know where you live, alone or with a few cats, or with Elizabeth 1. Yes, I would like to marry you. Yes, I would like to live with you. No, I do not want to live with you right now,

Watch Out For This Red Flag In Love - warns best selling author Karen Salmansohn, founder of The Never Again Program.

quote-the best times to show true love are when it isn't easy and it requires personal sacrifice - Google Search

The best times to show true love are when it isn't easy and requires personal sacrifice, selfless :-)

King's Cage was the death of me

Ughhh dang I️t cal

Don’t depend too much on anyone in this world,even your shadow leaves you when you’re in darkness

Don’t depend too much on anyone in this world,even your shadow leaves you when you’re in darkness - Agakami no shirayukihime

The red and pink here symbolise what might be a blanket lovingly crafted by a family member. In contrast, the girl is grey and white, perhaps feeling isolated or alone.

illustration by Julia Cejas of a girl sick in bed having a hot drink

when you're lonely, you're always alone

Alive or just breathing? uploaded by C'pho Shongwe

The Girl With the Dandelion Ring Chapter 9: And Dost With Poyson, Warre, and Sicknesse Dwell - Page 1 - Wattpad

The Girl With the Dandelion Ring - Chapter 9: Language, Benny

Moving in with the Griers ( Hayes Grier fanfic) - Chapter 8 - Page 1 - Wattpad

red lyrics | Tumblr  I swear I've never compared to any lyrics as much as I have to some of these!!!

Losing him was blue like I'd never known. Missing him was dark grey, all alone. Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you've ever met. But loving him was red - Red - Taylor Swift

"If I lay here, if I just lay here, will you just leave me alone and let me read my book?"

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