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A fun paper craft, a painless lesson in symmetry and mathematics, an easy way to introduce a pop of color, and an excuse to say the word dodecahedron. What's not to love about this DIY garland comprised of Platonic solids.

Floating Geometry (Printable Polyhedrons)

Make a platonic solids garland with these templates (or just make some Tron bits.

Dinky King - parallel lines and angle relationships

Dinky King - Parallel Lines Angles Questions - solve for the missing angles using your knowledge of angle properties

M^3 (Making Math Meaningful): Quadratic Headbanz - An fun activity for reviewing quadratic equations

My grade 10 academic math class is filled with great kids. For the last week or so we have been exploring quadratics in vertex and factored.

Connect Four: Two-Step Equations

Connect Four: Two-Step Equations

Middle School Maths, Equation, Summer School, Connect, Math Middle School, Systems Of Equations, High School Maths

The school transformation process

Transforming education is a complex task, not a step by step process.

Organize your classroom math block using a math workshop toolkit. With these tools you will have what you need to set up a rotation bulletin board, create daily plans for your lessons and activities, and more.

Tools to Organize Your Math Workshop

Bulletin Board: This is a great bulletin board idea for a math class. When it is time to split into their groups, they will know exactly where to go!

Pieces of Pi Kona Cotton Math Fabric  1 Yard by robyriker on Etsy, $20.00

Pieces of Pi Cotton Math Fabric - 1 Yard

misscalcul8: Trig Unit 4: Unit Circle Interactive Notebook

Unit Unit Circle pg 41 Our previous unit was right triangle trig so I used this same "flippable" to introduce the reciprocal f.

Algebra 1 Parent Functions (Foldable). I like this idea. I think I will do this next year when we begin functions.

Algebra 1 Parent Functions (Foldable)

Algebra 1 Parent Functions (foldable) - I like this idea. I think I will do this next year when we begin functions.

Monopoly is a game familiar to everyone around the world but this version has teachers super excited. This version uses Math strategies to take you around the board. This game is aimed at 7+  years…

Teachers Love This Version Of Monopoly – See Why

Solving equations Mathonopoly (just the picture. Not sure why jail is "gaol" in the picture)

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