Ļoti latgaliskais Siksalas igauņu tērps. Vainaga bizes. Igaunijas Nacionālais Muzejs, Tartu, izstāde. https://www.facebook.com/mervi.pasanen.3/media_set?set=a.10152924404887620.1073741843.598197619&type=1&pnref=story&hc_location=ufi

Reproduction of a Latgallian (Baltic) ornament from Siksala burial field in southwestern Estonia.

Celtic, Anglo-Saxon and Viking air combs...800-900 AD

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Interesting apron dress pieced together of two different fabrics of similar color,  by ~DarkSunTattoo - Viking "lady gear".  Note the jewelry style characteristic of Gotland.

"Viking 32 by ~DarkSunTattoo - Viking "lady gear" Gotlandic animal head brooches and pendants.

Senlatviešu tērps - Zinta E. Reproduction of Latgallian/Latgaļu woman's mantle from the Iron Age. Baltic, not Slavic or Norse/Viking.

Senlatviesu terps - Zinta E. Beautiful work, very complete and detailed work. The metal weaving reminds me of Finnish burial finds.

Livonian. From "The Vikings and Balts: North Saga ," 02.10.2015 . Museum of the First Congress of the RSDLP,  Minsk.

"The Vikings and bolts: North Saga" - Minsk, 2015 "The exhibition presents a series of articles describing the life of the population of Scandinavia and the Baltic tribes - the neighbors of the ancient land - in the so-called Viking era"