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Värriön luontopäiväkirja - Varrio nature diary: Muovailuvahaa maastossa / Dummy caterpillars

Varrio Research Station, University of Helsinki

Figure 1: Artificial plasticine caterpillars showing signs of...

Figure Artificial plasticine caterpillars showing signs of.

Vědci lepili na listy umělé housenky a zkoumali, kdo do nich kouše

Vědci lepili na listy umělé housenky a zkoumali, kdo do nich kouše



BBC Nature - Modelling dough caterpillars provide camouflage clue

Fake caterpillars' camouflage clue

BBC Nature - & ice finger of death filmed in Antarctic

Pastry caterpillars: a tool to teach evolution by natural selection  Last week Jay Fitzsimmons over at the Canadian Field-Naturalist Blog ...

Pastry "caterpillar" used to examine the protective effect of eyespots and defensive posture of caterpillars. You may recall that Tom .

Not really into painting my fingernails but always love a good pedicure. Lots of cute designs here!

Caterpillar Leaf Damage, and the Game of Hide-and-Seek with Birds - Heinrich - 1983 - Ecology - Wiley Online Library

In an aviary, field—captured Black—capped Chickadees, Parus atricapillus, learned to forage preferentially at trees with either artificially or caterpillar—damaged leaves.

Δείτε πως να φτιάξετε πανεμορφα Χριστουγεννιάτικα στολίδια και αξεσουάρ από πολυμερικό πηλό (ΟΔΗΓΙΕΣ) - Daddy-Cool.gr

baby/toy snowbaby for Mom's snowmen/snowppl~ Handcrafted Polymer Clay Snowman Ornament by Kay Miller on Etsy.

10 cute pipe cleaner animal crafts for kids to make

10 Pipe Cleaner Animals

Pipe cleaners are versatile supplies. You can make flowers, little dolls, and wands. They are great for making items for imaginary play.