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[MM] The real reset by Solchan on DeviantArt

[MM] The real reset by Solchan on DeviantArt<<<< i love zen si much why this exists i'm crying

I'll be back though! I promise!  Edit: I'm back on his route again!

Dont you have no choice but to reset since it does so automatically once you finish a route

Mystic Messenger ||

Mc and seven Btw wich anime is this messege me plz if u know ot need to watch it thnx if u do

Damn seven XD hohohoho~

I just experienced this one >.< I felt bad for Yoosung but teasing was just too good.

I actually pressed this option because I really felt that way and then I was like "Wtf douche, you're in totally different route, calm yourself down."

Give me my burritos, Seven!😬 mystic messenger and luciel choi 이미지

playing jaehee’s route like

playing jaehee’s route like -takes out the gloves- I got my own business too if he's playing me into loving air lol

I love yoosung so much. My heart feels like its breaking whenever I see him sad (he's my second favorite)

On Yoosung's route at the moment. Man, the story line is really. (TT^TT) though my taste is more like Zen, if Yoosung is real, definitely I will fall for him haha XD


I don't see how you loved her V. And honestly, when I look at it, you loved her for all the wrong reasons. It felt like a hollow love when I was reading it. It felt fake and meaningless.

What if Seven isn't the only 'main ending'? What if it's just based off who you care about the most?

Frick this hurts my heart! He was my first mans so he's always gonna have a special place in my heart!