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Haha omg yas andy biersack as lightning thunderstein!

bvb funny | Andy Sixx – Black Veil Brides Lyrics - Black Veil Brides Meme’s

bvb funny -Black Veil Brides Meme’s

I knew it! - Andy Biersack - Black Veil Brides - funny tweet

I always knew Andy was a baby walrus !

no but i actually did that too for a time but it looked weird when i did it  Andy can pull it off though

In a Bryan Stars interview he said it himself that he had gazelle legs.

black veil brides | Tumblr lol andy

I just whacked my head off of a mirror, ouch :( I need to listen to some Black Veil Brides to make it better :p

Black Veil Brides lyrics to We Don't Belong. (:

One of my favorite BVB songs.

Haha cc dose anyone know where I can get good priced black veil brides merch?

black veil brides funny moments | Tumblr

Andy Biersack as Lighting Yhunderstein in the New Adventures of Captain Cold

See I disagree with this, because Andy has taught us not to blindly follow a stupid thing, no matter who it comes from. He told us that we shouldn't do something idiotic to be "cool"

Go Cry Emo Kid - black veil brides - black veil brides

XD or another Andy pick up line is " Hey babygirl I got a penius" I love him

black veil brides memes - literally just did this.

Andy and Bryan Stars

Andy Biersack and Bryan Stars interview older girlfriend

That's really insulting to the BVB army. Legit. I'm offended. That's not funny. Whoever did this should burn in hell... sorry everybody for the pissy comments. i feel pissed off right now. >:/

Wtf is black veil bieber



Ever heard a song without guitar, bass, or drums? It would not be good... I mean Andy is a wonderful singer and all, but the songs would be nothing without the others ~AnOnYmOuS

Jinxx is my favorite BVB

bvb memes - Google Search

Lol Andy Picture from Black Veil Brides [BvB].

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Andy has got this everybody! we can all chill.