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Understanding celtic symbols

Understanding Celtic symbols is shown in the image above. Celtic history is one of the most important parts of history as it was the start of many other Religious groups and their own symbols or signs.

An harm ye none, Do what ye will

Words every Witch, Wiccan, & Pagan must remember not just with their heads but with their hearts & souls I have to disagree. This only applies to wiccans. It's a Wiccan religious law, and "all witches and pagans" are not Wiccan.

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Lunar abundance

Setting intentions in tune with the moon connects you with the energy of the universe. Set your new moon intentions & full moon intentions in ritual each month.

"wands" had a 'wanderful' day making a wand with my nephew. combined several ideas from Pinterest and he created the most awesome wand ever!

Fairy Wands - MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS - My kiddo and I were inspecting a fallen tree limb last week and looking at all those little twigs made me think of wands. I thought it would be a wond

Candle colors ... use on altar, with crystal grid... and meditation

Candle light wards might also be another thing. I can see Tsava Leko having wards based on candles around their caravan. Though I think his own wards where originally dolls that he used to focus elemental powers into.