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Norwegian Forest Cat, same as she who graces me with her presence every day, beautiful ...

Norwegian Forest Cats are closely related to the Siberian cat, and the Norwegian Forest cat shares many of its characteristics. It is said that these cats were introduced by Vikings around 1000 AD.

Cute Things for Cats

Cute Things for Cats


~~ this little sweetheart reminds me of my Boots(ie) ~ when she was small ~ she's a "big girl" now ~ a long haired Norwegian forest cat ~ who just luv's to F L Y !



You can't see me, no you can't...can you?

Black Cat Inspiration Picture for when your black art paper arrives

.Looks like my old kitty that died, except he was all gray!! I have a poem about him my husband wrote!!

) What a wonderful colour scheme this combination of blues and fawn greys would make for a bedroom or living room, be it in a contemporary or historic property. And it's a kitty!

Wide aperture pics

25 Dreamy Images Shot Wide Open

What an excellent picture here. The color and focus on this cat's eye is intense.


They spend most of their day sleeping, so it is no wonder that cats end up in funny sleeping positions.

| Lynx Point Siamese- my baby Aurora looks almost exactly like this but ...

Lynx Point Siamese- my baby Aurora looks almost exactly like this but with deeper blue eyes awwwww

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