Dom loves Matt a lot. He is once again a panda

The Cast Of Shadowhunters Took Over Downtown Toronto To Film The Season 2 Finale

As much as most people didn't like Alec he is and has always been my favorite. I relate to him so much on different levels that I didn't with the other characters and I love him ❤️

"Well, if Jace was gold, then Alec was sliver, and though very few people knew it, silver was a rarer metal than gold" - Quote from the books

Aww Alec and Simon 😂😍 - Lightwood siblings Izzy Lightwood Alec Lightwood Simon Lewis Shadowhunters TMI The Mortal Instruments

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omg this shows how much Alec hates Simon and probably Clary before

I feel like Matt is slightly gay for Harry

I have no idea what he is talking about. (cough malec kiss cough) <-- exactly what my thoughts went to

If we get Magnus kissing Alec rune i will scream

If we get Magnus kissing Alec rune i will scream