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my friend looked at her phone while i was reading this........ its like it knows her

my mind: "hannah u don't have friends ur not gonna have any texts" me: "well we'll see" me: **checks phone** my mind: well?

Imagen de lol, quote, and teenager post

Teenagers Posts About Love : Picture Description Imagen de lol, quote, and teenager post

And then I show them that hanging with mom is funner than what they're doing :)


That awkward moment when you see a bunch of people from school hanging out at the mall and you're there with your mom. NOT just the mall thanks for being so protective mom!

Photo - TEENAGER POST I actually have vivid memory of West street Durban SAfrica - Vanessa & Rene & hysterical laughter & awkward boy!


(Teacher) Did you do your homework? (Brooke) Did you grade my test? (Teacher) I have other students tests to grade (Brooke) Well then I have other teachers homework to do :smirks:

I can't do that because my teacher just calls on me when ever he wants so I'm sitting there on the edge of my chair like "don't pick meee"

Hate it when someone skipped a paragraph and then everyone is waiting fot you and your like.

No we don't, we're cool like that

Nope my brother and cousin where born in 2000 I can't forget how old they are. This is to easy

Teenage posts

Teenager Post Laying in bed remembering a conversation in your head, and imagining what you should've said instead.

This is me!

OMG THIS IS SO TRUE I literally JUST tried explaining something to my mom and she walked off like I wasn't even there like wtf