My board has been signed by Tom Hiddleston, your argument is invalid

our board has been signed by Tom Hiddleston. Your argument is invalid <<< I don't even care about the "signed account" shit I just love Toms face

Tom Hiddleston & Chris Hemsworth <3<3

"Brothers" united in real life and fiction: Tom Hiddleston (plays Loki) and Chris Hemsworth (plays Thor)

That smile makes me melt

That smile makes me melt

Tom Hiddleston

The Ultimate Cure For Depression By Tom Hiddleston We all have bad days. Sometimes we are sad, depressed or even grumpy. Don’t despair! We have found the cure.<The Death Cure

Tom Hiddleston. Edit by jennphoenix.tumlbr

Tom Hiddleston, British heartthrob, is not just a pretty face. In a recent movie, Hiddleston acts in many nude scenes. When asked why he was ok with that, Hiddleston responded with an amazing answe…

Cookie Monster and Tom Hiddleston. Ehehehe, I actually really love the fact that Tom Hiddleston said "delayed gratification" rather than "patience," "waiting," or "self-control."  I feel like his wide vocabulary makes every interview a vocab lesson!  :D

Tom Hiddleston & Cookie Monster - I love these comments. Seriously, does anyone think preschoolers will relate to "delayed gratification"?<<<< In response to this, it is never too early to build your vocabulary. Intelligence is a great thing.

Loki? Tom? Loki? Does it matter? I think not!

Cover half of his face and you can see the subtle differences between the two. Now that's awesome acting. << Yes, cover Tom's face and look just at Loki. Now cover Loki's face and look at Tom! Woah, I always thought the two didn't look alike.

Not to mention incredibly handsome!!!!

Funny pictures about Marvel villains. Oh, and cool pics about Marvel villains. Also, Marvel villains.