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Nico di Angelo x Leo Valdez! Honestly, these two are still my main OTP. I mean, Solangelo is beautiful, but GhostFire just makes me happy inside.

Percy Jackson and Nico Di Angelo = Pernico

Percy Jackson and Nico Di Angelo = Pernico >> I do t reeeeally ship them, but I like this picture

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Sadness is contagious. >>>nico why.<<< and he did and it was scary and amazing as all Tartarus

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Wait Annabeth has a phone! Annabeth could have texted people or something with a plan! Or does tarturas not have phone reception? Maybe it's too many monsters?

....Wow...Leo is my Favorite and Nico..they have the saddest parts. Behind all that weirdness he's hiding his pain

Nico and Bianca di Angelo, Leo Valdez and his mother, Esperanza. their in Leo and Nico& hearts.

Valdez by whenpopsucks.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Just an old leo valdez sketch Valdez

No one knows it's you Miss Jackson... Fancy Percy and Annabeth

No one knows it's you Miss Jackson. Fancy Percy and Annabeth