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A #mastiff and a #baby - soooooooo #adorable.

A Mastiff and a Baby

See baby. See giant puppy. See giant puppy see baby. See giant puppy hug baby. See giant puppy cradle baby. Giant puppy and baby are friends.

bitch im fabulous

Fluffy white dog swishing hair: B*tch, I'm Fabulous. - Give your friends a smile: share this!

Cute Super Heroes~This little guy is absolutely adorable, but THIS DOG!!!!...he must be a method actor, 'cause he's totally feeling it!

Super heroes cute funny picture and these dog and baby in super hero costume of superman and batman smile you and you say what a cute funny super heroes.

PETS, DOG: Shorkie: shitzu+yorkie. Just like our Ariel.

Shorkie: shitzu+yorki "I own a pair of sisters who are the light of our home, highly recommend as a family pet".

Three sisters at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney.  (photo-john good)

These geese wear their Sunday Best every day.

Now that I look back at this pic, it would be interesting to put our geese in dresses. But Beatrix Potter had ducks in dresses I think, not geese. The Puddleduck sisters? The Muscovy ducks might put up with it better than the geese.