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Lavender honey ice cream- salt and straw

Lavender Honey Ice Cream - Salt & Straw had the most amazing honey/lavender ice cream! I'm even craving it right now.


Spring Bouquet Popsicles - May flowers bring refreshing flower popsicles! These orange blossom water flavoured popsicles are a fun, colourful, and surprising treat.

Ana Rosa

Turn your favorite bar soap to liquid soap for pennies. Pre de Provence is great soap, and now we can have it in liquid form too. Thank you for this great idea!

Un balcone accogliente con illuminazione a LED, una tenda parasole, lanterne con candele e un divano arredato con cuscini e tappeti di pelle di pecora - IKEA

A cosy balcony with lit LED lighting chains, a canopy, lanterns with lit candles and a sofa filled with cushions and sheepskin rugs.

Sorbetto di lamponi

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Lavender Stem Basket

Organic French Lavender Wand - Woven from Freshly Picked Flowers - Purple with Light Green Satin Ribbon - Made in Canada