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Some crazy people went to paint funny expressions and even create hilarious scenes with just a pen and a camera.

Funny egg characters - by Craft & Creativity

Funny egg characters - by Craft & Creativity Vogel Jennifer thought this might be a fun activity for the shop.

What happened to his egg York??

Most of these are fantastic, but the zombie egg one is my favorite.

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30 Examples of Funny and Creative Egg Photography

Once a man went to the Old Townhouse Restaurant and ordered an egg. When it was brought he didn't liked it so he informed the waitress that the egg was bad. The waitress replied, "I don't lay the egg sir, I just serve it.

Eggs 1 by hignoria.deviantart.com on @deviantART

30 Funny and Clever Emotions Egg Photography by Artist. These are stunning collection of Funny Egg Design. Artist make their feeling on eggs and shown the cool